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Some Old Pics!
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:57:43 AM »
WHOOPS, I did not realize that I had an account on here. I've just been over in the Critter Nation show-off thread, feeling thirsty for these cages and beautiful set-ups.

We're currently rat-less at the moment but considering getting back into it sometime soon, but I figured that I'd share some of my pics of the dearly departed crew. My biggest regret is just... not taking more photos. There's some of my boys that I don't even have photos of at all.

Best picture of the best boy. My heart rat Moose. We picked up him and his brother Gus from a friend who just hadn't bonded with them. Healthiest and sweetest guys we ever had, we were lucky to have them first. (And they were from some rando New Orleans pet store too! How crazy!) Moose was an avid ear and nose cleaner, which was..... less fun when I got my septum pierced. Gus didn't like to be held much but loved other attention (and cheerios).

Moose was always eating. I was trying to teach him and Gus to come to their names, but it turned out that I called him Fatboy enough that he'd come to that too...

My best gal Geordi! She got the other part of my heart, this little gremlin girl. We picked her up from the pet store when we saw her in this tank of hairless rats that all had eye deformities, but she was the only one with no eyes at all. Best girl, best troublemaker. Her favorite trick was to climb up the cage, hold on with all four little paws, and pee onto my fiance's desk.

Chunk and Stubbs! More "discards" from the same BYB that Geordi came from, but a year or so later. Chunk was built like a football and Stubbs was missing some of his tail from some unknown event, but they were good boys from a crappy situation. Lots of health issues from their rough genetics, I'm sure, but loving. Hated wheels, loved snacks. Loved to show off their goolies. Chunk would dig through my hand when I offered food, looking for treats, then shove my hand away when it was just healthy stuff. Stubbs was a great social rat - I'd take him to mom's classroom and let him meet the kids.

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Re: Some Old Pics!
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 05:42:04 PM »
Love the pictures and the stories of your ratties.  Your Moose looks like my dearly departed Neo who also loved to eat. His nickname was Mr. Fattypants :hyper:
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