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Please leave positive rat comments!
« on: September 23, 2018, 02:55:41 PM »

I passed this link around earlier and should have asked for people to add positive comments about rats to this article then. The writer was fascinated by the fact that people keep rats as pets when he found about about the 400+ rescue going on in TX right now and started doing research- and contacted me to find out why. He interviewed me, then was nice enough too call me back so we could go over my quotes. We actually spent a good deal of time on the phone, but, unfortunately, most of what I said was cut (and something is slightly not what I said). I really appreciated the fact that he took the time to learn about rats as pets and was willing to be open-minded. It's sad that the article is dealing with yet another horrible animal rescue case, but, I am very appreciative that the writer gave positive press to the rats and rescuers. Please do take a moment to comment on this article.

Thank you!
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