Author Topic: The story of The Rescuer's Rainbow Bridge, and my friend's memorial service  (Read 401 times)

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I know most of us, if not all of us here, have heard of The Rainbow Bridge. Helping our little critters cross over is one of the hardest things we as pet parents will ever have to do. But a few weeks ago I was at the memorial service for a family member (my grand-daughter's uncle) and friend, who was a rescuer. It is hard losing a rescuer also. During his service, the minister read the story of The Rescuer's Rainbow Bridge. It is a bit longer than I want to share here, so if you get the chance, search for it and read it.

Basically, it is a story about how animals that had no pet parents who had already crossed the Bridge would wait at the foot of the Rescuer's Rainbow Bridge to cross over with them. Scott would have had a LOT of rescues to help him cross over. But during the reading of the story, I got to thinking of all my rattie rescues and how many were going to help me cross over when my time came, and of course during the memorial service is NOT the time to start chuckling and snickering, but I did. My son glanced at me and gave me the look of, "what's so funny?" I whispered back that I would tell him after the service.

And as promised, after the service, I told him what my chuckling was about. He grinned and chuckled also, then went to tell him former wife about my thoughts. She laughed and said "Rats! Many MANY rats!" I'm sure Scott's wife would have appreciated the story, if she had been told at some other time than her late husband's memorial service. Maybe one day I'll tell her about it.

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Gramma, you're what Bruno Mars means about the giggle at a funeral LOL. PS has anybody heard from Big Ben? Can't reach him.
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