Author Topic: Easy way to help rescues this holiday (no, it's not too early!)  (Read 458 times)

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It's not too early to start thinking about helping rescues during the holidays! Anyone can choose to do this fundraiser for a rescue at their local Barnes & Noble store! Just contact your favorite rescue to see if they are coordinating any shifts or let them know if you'll do this on your own (you'd just need their non-profit information to supply to the store). Great idea for volunteer hours for a high school student!

During the winter holidays, the stores allow groups to come in and gift-wrap in exchange for being able to collect donations. The store provides everything to wrap, you provide the manpower. Rules vary from store-to-store, so please contact your store directly (most have 6 hour shifts and require 2 people at the table at all times). Tip: you may want to avoid stores in college or business areas as you are looking for places where people are buying gifts, especially closer to Christmas- when the last thing someone wants to do is go home and wrap! Sign-ups for holiday gift-wrapping may start as early as July of each year, though contracts go out during September (there may still be available spots or wait lists after September).

If you don't have a rescue near you, you can contact any of these rescues who have registered with The Travelin' Rat in 2019 (I believe that B&N requires 501(c)(3) status):
Any Rat Rescue, Scottsdale, AZ
Best Friend Rodent Rescue, Everett, WA
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, German Valley, IL
Flower City Critters Small Animal Rescue, Rochester, NY
For the LOVE of Rats Rescue, Walker, LA
Mainely Rat Rescue, Falmouth, ME
​MN Pocket Pet Rescue, St. Paul, MN​​
Philly Rat Rescue/ St. Francis Rat Sanctuary, Philadelphia, PA
Rattie Ratz, Clayton, CA
Saint Nicholas Mouse Rescue, Virginia Beach, VA​​
Small Angels Rescue, Inc., Frederick, MD
Star's Rat Rescue, Winner, SD
​Tiny Toes Rat Rescue of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
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