Author Topic: I think he ENJOYS being destructive!  (Read 1946 times)

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I think he ENJOYS being destructive!
« on: April 26, 2003, 12:24:39 AM »
Luther has been so bad lately.  He's taken to chewing the wooden strip right above the floor in my room, and ripping off the wallpaper above it. He's very determined about it, and whenever I cover the area he's chewing he just goes to a new spot. He also climbs to the highest shelf in my bookcase and knocks down all the books.  He knows he's not supposed to do it, whenever I come towards him when he's being bad he runs away, and resists being picked up (and I have the scratches on my hand to prove it  :P)  I finally just put him back in the cage tonight.  Oh, and this is also the boy who beat up his cagemate before they were neutered.   :P  I'm starting to get really annoyed at him, even though with those dumbo ears it's hard t stay mad for long.   :BlueDumboSmileTongue:

Any suggestions for a destructive male?  I thought boys were supposed to be calm and cuddly, and didn't chew as much as girls!