Author Topic: Back after over a decade... what's new in rat care? Cages? Food?  (Read 44 times)

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I owned eleven rats between 2001-2006, and was a regular poster here. But after my last rattie was gone, I got two basset hounds and definitely didn't have time/money for both dogs and rats.

The second of the two dogs passed away last summer, and we're considering getting rats again. I now have an 8-year-old who is very excited to get rats! I just wanted to see what the state of the art in rat care is these days.

Are people still buying Martin's cages? Feeding Suebee's mix? Or are there better alternatives available nowadays?

Unfortunately, the forum search seems to only want to give results from 2002-2003, which makes it hard to look for recent info.
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Re: Back after over a decade... what's new in rat care? Cages? Food?
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Hi Brandy!

Unfortunately, not many come to GM anymore. I do still come here to see if anyone has posted anything new, though. Big Ben MIGHT still come around, Been To The Mountaintop comes around occasionally. It isn't at all like it used to be. I'm sad about that, because back then this forum was a lot of fun! We could meet new people and chat about lots of different things, and keep each other up to date on our ratties and such. If someone's rat needed to see a vet, recommendations were made, and condolences were given when someone lost a rat to illness.

But, as far as I know, nothing has changed much in rat care. I believe people are still buying Martin's cages, and still feeding Suebee's mix.

I have 3 rats now. Recently adopted an intact boy, who I've named Barbossa, and promptly had him neutered! I also have two little girls named Swann and Sparrow. I guess I should go into Rat Tales and Mug Shots and introduce them!

Please post here if you do get ratties! Your son will LOVE them!