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GGMR has struck again!!!!
« on: May 14, 2003, 10:50:34 PM »
I was feeling depressed the other day while walking through the pet store with my friend. We saw a tank full of the cutest ratties so naturally I held a couple of them (I'm allowed to just grab them because I used to work there).

There was the most adorable male blue rat, I'd say about 6 weeks old. He looks just like Dandin except for a white patch of fur on his cheek. I put the rats back and mentioned to my friend that if the little blue rat was still there in a couple days then I'd buy him.

Well I went back the next day and sure enough, he was there. So I picked him up out of the cage and paid for him.

He is the perfect link between the existing males. I have one lone male rat, Mattimeo, who always fights with the other males. So I have had to keep him seperate. But with the new addition, Saxtus, he has had some companionship. The two of them will tolerate eachother and even eat together. I don't let them be together 24/7 though, they can only play with eachother outside of cages.

Saxtus also gets along well with the other males; Dandin, Martin and Chugger. I take him and Dandin to school and to the library with me. Both are very docile and friendly. I hope to one day be able to have all five boys in the same cage, but Matti needs to remedy his fighting behavior.

That's just about all the new newz about the rats. Oh yeah, as of May 11th I have owned my first rats for a whole year. My three himi girls are a little over a year old. Martin's b-day is in one month, 6-11 and the dumbo twins is in two months. Dandy's b-day will be celebrated on 8-8-03, and Chuggs was born at the end of October.

A quick question, I think that I'll be leaving to work for my Aunt this summer, she lives in New York, and I don't know what to do with my band of rats. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks I'll Talk to y'all later.