Author Topic: Ferrets Up For Adoption IN MA  (Read 4007 times)

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Ferrets Up For Adoption IN MA
« on: June 08, 2003, 12:29:00 AM »
Hi All,
I know this is the rat fan club, but I have 2 ferrets in need of a good home. They're not mine, they are my mother's and she just doesn't have time for them anymore. Please be sure you research or know a thing or 2 about them before deciding, my mother wants to be SURE that they will get a good home. Ferrets are very hyper and active and must have free roam time once a day. They are hunters and will not get along with your rats. They are very cute and CAN make wonderful pets when properly taken care of and loved. These ferrets are NOT biters, they are VERY sweet. You can e-mail me for pictures, I will try to get some up on a link asap.


*They MUST go together, they both love each other and we would like to keep them together.

*They come with a nice, big, 3 level cage and accessories.

*They are litter box trained in the cage and will use it when outside the cage too if one is provided on the floor.

* Twinkie gets medicine every other day. I'm not sure exactly why, I'll have to ask my mom, but it's really no big deal, just a quick dose in the morning.

That being said, they are in Andover MA, you can e-mail me for directions or more details. We are hoping for at least $50.00 for both with the cage and all, but price is negotiable.  :)  Thanks for looking!
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