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Reporting Questionable Posts
« on: June 19, 2003, 10:39:01 AM »
There are times when it's necessary to report questionable content on the board. Despite having a staff of five, we're not omnipotent, so we do rely on reports from members to find the stuff that needs to be dealt with. In light of a few recent occurences, I've decided to clarify a few things about reporting posts.

1. Do not report threads via private message to individual staff members. Use the "Report to Moderator" link in the bottom right corner of the reply you want to report. This sends an e-mail to each staff member with a direct link to the specific reply being reported within a given thread. This way, whoever happens to get to it first can take care of it.

2. Be sure to include a comment. It's very important that we know why something is being reported before we even click on the link. Be concise, but as detailed as possible. We also ask that everyone be professional about it, and don't include comments about someone's intelligence, moral character or gene pool in said report.

3. Be sure you are logged in. Reports from Guests will NOT be accepted by the staff, and will very likely be ignored. If you are not registered, then please register in order for your report to be recognized.

Why #3? Because we can follow up on a report from a registered forum member, get in touch with them, and discuss the situation if it bears discussing. Anonymous reports from people who can't be bothered to register -- or reports from former members who are disgruntled and have deleted their membership -- make it impossible for us do out job properly. Also, someone who is not a member of the community really should have no say in what goes on within these walls.

Thanks for your consideration.